Saturday, January 14, 2017

I have exciting news.  One of my previous "Authors of the Day" Danielle Bannister who wrote the 2 part article letting us know the cost of self publishing a book on 9/27 & 9/28/2016 has a new book release and I have the cover reveal.............................

It is coming out on 2/7/17 and here is the blurb:

Julie Green was NOT having a midlife crisis.
Her move across the country from sunny LA to the unsuspecting town of Bucksville, New Hampshire, was NOT about her being up to her eyeballs in fake people and even faker tits. It was NOT about hating her job as a temp and most definitely did NOT have anything to do with her ex-boyfriend or his wife getting pregnant with kid number three.
No, this move was going to be her chance for a ‘do over.’ A quiet life in a quiet town.
Or, at least, that was the plan. 
A case of mistaken identity thrusts her into the public eye, tossing her into in a world of flashbulbs and shadows. Not the ideal situation to meet her potential Mr. Right, but her newest temporary gig was unlike any she'd ever held. The chance of a lifetime… Will it get to be too much, forcing her to cut and run--or will she find out that love stories aren't just for the silver screen?


If you are interested in reading Danielle's article on the cost of self publishing, the easiest way to find it is on the left side of my blog click on 2016 posts, scroll down a bit and you will find it.  The article is very informative and there may be some surprises in it as to how you, as a reader, can help.


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