Friday, January 13, 2017

Author of the Day

Vered Ehsani

Having lived in Kenya since mid-2000, I wanted to write about my home. I noticed a distinct lack of interest in African mythology and paranormal creatures (apart from Egyptian ones), so I decided to do something about that. Miss Knight, the main character of "Society for Paranormals", seemed the best person to accompany me on that journey. After all, we share a few likes (tea, archery and exploring) and dislikes (wet dogs, giant bugs and naughty monkeys).

I wrote the series for those readers who adore “Pride & Prejudice”, enjoy cozy mysteries, appreciate British humor, or would love to go on a supernatural African safari. Anyone who is at all curious about the unknown myths, legends and supernatural beasties of Eastern, Southern and Western Africa should also consider visiting Miss Knight and her crew in Victorian Nairobi.

The main character, Beatrice Knight, is a paranormal investigator who refuses to let danger, death and unwanted suitors (of which there are a few) inconvenience her in colonial Kenya. Miss Knight has been favorably compared to Alexis Tarabotti, Amelia Peabody, Miss Marple, Miss Peregrine and Mary Poppins. One reader went so far as to describe Miss Knight as "Jane Austen meets Lara Croft", which I think is very accurate.

Other characters include African gods, fire-loving vampires, giant spiders and were-lions. The paranormal obviously plays a big role, as do quirky humor, African mythology, colonial history and tea. Lots of tea.

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