Thursday, November 19, 2015


I spent Thursday walking around in a crazy love-struck stupor. Even though I knew it was far too early in the game to use the “L” word, I felt a strong link between us, an invisible thread holding us together. Granted, showing up for work with only a couple hours’ sleep didn’t help matters, either. No doubt, there would be complaints of mixed up mail; I could barely see the sidewalk in front of me, forget about scrawled addresses on envelopes. Hopefully, no one would bother calling in, and the recipients would think the mix ups were the result of a newbie, or substitute, or something.
By the time I had finished work, all I wanted to do was heat up a frozen dinner and find my bed. I was so very exhausted. Yet at the same time, I had this adrenaline rushing through me every time I thought of what had occurred between Sawyer and me. Sex in the stairwell – who would have thought? Laid out like that it sounded crass and vulgar, but in my mind it was something else entirely. Erotic, romantic, passionate, exciting – all rolled into a dreamy movie that kept playing through my head, making me hot and flushed every time I thought about it.
The first thing I did when I returned home was turn on my computer. While the settings were loading, I popped a President’s Choice frozen entree into the microwave, and then headed to my room to change out my uniform. Normally, I would go from uniform to workout clothes to pyjamas, but I went straight for comfort. I knew that even with all those images floating through my mind I would still easily drift off to sleep long before my usual bed time.
Angela had set my browser to open Facebook as my homepage. The moment I clicked on the program, I was logged in and ready to go. The live newsfeed indicated quite a bit of activity, considering all the people who had updated their statuses were supposed to be at work. I had a number of requests and something waiting for me in my inbox. Lucky me.

When I clicked on the message bubble, I could see it had come from Olive. Thinking it was probably “an about time” kind of message, I opened on it. Had I realized sooner what it was, I would have ignored it. As per usual, her timing was horrible.

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