Friday, November 13, 2015

Author spotlight.................Juliet Hulme aka Anne Perry, born in London in 1938

Did you know?

  1.   She had TB as a child?  She was sent away to live in a warmer climate till she was 13.
  2.   She helped a friend when she was 15 beat the friend's mother to death and served 5 years in     prison.
  3.   Peter Jackson's film Heavenly Creatures is based on that story.
  4.   When she got out of prison she changed her name to Anne Perry.
  5.   Anne became a flight attendant and published her first book, The Cater Street Hangman, in    1979.
  6.   Since she has written more than 50 novels.
  7.   She is most known for her historical detective series (Thomas Pitt and Monk) but has also        branched out to YA and Fantasy.
  8.   In case you are wondering the TV series Monk has nothing to do with her books.
  9.   She won an Edgar award for Heroes (Most Wanted) in 2000
  10.   For more info about Anne Perry check out:  News from Anne Perry

I gathered info for this from Wikipedia, Anne Perry's website (listed above), and  The Guardian - older article

Here is an article with Ian Rankin and Anne Perry  2007 Interview regarding her crime (very wise words)

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