Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm so thrilled!  You may ask - what has you so excited today?  I received in the mail from author Reynold Jay several of his books one of which was a proof of the very first in The Wurthington Diary series, The Little Girl Doll.  I have read 1-6 and they are great books for kids and adults.  What is cool is there are two different versions of each, one for a younger audience and one for the older.  The difference is the length of the book so that the younger readers or the younger children being read to won't get bored.  I've always read the ebook versions and the illustrations are great BUT the actual paperback books are not only enchanting stories but works of art.

I really encourage parents, especially, to check these books out.  They would make awesome Christmas gifts but also if you want to encourage a young child to get interested in reading - these books will do it.  These are the sort of books you want to hang onto and hand down to the next generation.

Sorry for the background on the pic, I'm redoing my floors and thinks are kind of a disaster, lol.

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