Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Author of the Day

Janelle Gabay

My love for writing began many years ago in college, first at Rollins College then second at the University of South Florida. However, it wasn’t until my daughter’s eighth-grade project on the Civil War that I began to create a full novel.  Somehow reading about the horrors and extreme bravery of that war conjured up my society of immortals that are now the subject of my series, which ironically has nothing to do with the Civil War.  Before that, I guess you could say I was a tennis mom and a stage mom.  I have two amazing athletes and one talented actor for children.  I look back and wish that I had started writing at a younger age, but honestly believe that it is my experiences with my husband and our crazy children that helped shape my stories and make them great. Having had to share a home with contrasting personalities both human and canine are what fill my stories with the little details that are relatable to readers.  Also having had exposure to many diverse people and places because my dad was in the air force and my children played tennis tournaments in unique destinations both in and out of the United States has also helped round out my characters, enrich my settings and heighten my arcs.  I’m a hands on learner so using my life experiences, diving into self-publishing and erring as I go is what suits me best.  I might stumble along the way, but I enjoy both the ups and downs of my journey.  Like I tell my kids: winning is sweet if it cost you blood, sweat, and tears along the way.

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