Saturday, October 15, 2016

Author of the Day

Natasha Hanova

I met Natasha at Penned Con 2016 and she is so nice!

Thanks for having me on your blog.  My name is Natasha Hanova #Whovian #WalkingDead #GiveMeAlltheChocolate.  I enjoy reading and writing paranormal, dark fantasy and dystopian books with romance.

Edge of Truth is my debut novel.  As with many of my stories, this one was inspired and started because of a dream.  The main character, sixteen-year-old Rena Moon, was hiding under the floorboards of her house while strange men beat up her father in an attempt to force him to reveal her location.  This scene isn't in the book but it made me wonder why "they" wanted her.  I discovered that she lived in an oppressive, futuristic society where turning over people with special abilities is profitable.  At first, Rena only has a sensitivity to ground vibrations but as she grows older her powers grow stronger and her emotions begin triggering earthquakes.

A recent reviewer had this to say:  Edge of Truth is about a girl who can LITERALLY make the earth quake.  X-men meets Divergent.

Thanks again for having me.

Please stay in touch.  Here is where you can find Natasha.

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