Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Found on Mental Floss 15 Things you Might Not Know about Beatrix Potter.

  • Her first name was really Helen
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit was inspired by  a letter
  • Peter was based on a real rabbit
  • Potter's house was basically a menagerie.
  • Peter Rabbit did not start out as a success.
  • She understood merchandising
  • She was a naturalist in a time that women usually weren't
  • She sometimes wrote in a secret code
  • She disappointed her Mom
  • She wrote much more than you (probably)
  • She didn't want one of her books published in England
  • Her later books had to be cobbled together from earlier drawings.
  • A lost work of her's was recently rediscovered.
  • She also farmed sheep
  • You can visit her house
For the full article by Claire Cock-Starkey check here

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